A Carmelite is a woman in love.  God can call someone to Himself in any way He pleases.  But typically a Carmelite vocation begins when God reveals a touch of His beauty and majesty in some unspeakable way in the depths of one’s heart.  The marvel of being personally chosen and loved by Him who hold the universe in His hands makes all created things seem insignificant by comparison.

A Carmelite therefore sets out upon an interior journey which cannot fully be put into words.  It is a question of responding with fidelity to the demands of a love which gives itself totally, without reserve.  Such a life requires a high degree of personal responsibility and spiritual maturity.  You are supported by the community and the tradition of the Order, but no one can walk this road for you.

For this reason,, no matter how much our life today is lived in community, using modern technology to address modern concerns, the hermit life at the beginning of the Order remains at the heart of its spirituality.  We cherish the time we spend in our cell, pondering the word of God and seeking Him in solitary prayer.

We prefer simple work that can be done alone in the company of Him who loves us.  In this way we gradually build a deep and solid relationship with God through faith, hope and love in which we live and breathe at all times, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Together with Mary, we say with our lives, “I am the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word.”  We stand with her at the foot of the cross, sharing in the mystery of redemption, participating in Christ’s own self-giving love, for every person on earth.  We remain in the Upper Room, praying always for the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Church.  And we do this with the simplicity of Nazareth, hidden with Christ in the heart of the Church.