Daily Life

Our daily life is a balance of prayer, work, and rest, of community life and solitude.  The “horarium,” or schedule for the day, supports our community life by bringing us together for common prayer, meals, and recreation in the morning, at noon, and in the evening.  It also protect the times of solitude, personal prayer, and reading which sustain our spiritual life.

           5:25 Morning Prayer (Lauds)

           5:45 Personal prayer

           7:00  Mass

           7:45  Midmorning Prayer (Terce)

           8:00  Breakfast

           8:30  Work (includes classes for those in formation)

         11:00  Midday Prayer (Sext)

         11:15  Dinner


  1:00  Siesta

  2:00  Midafternoon Prayer

  2:15  Spiritual reading


  4:30  Evening Prayer

  5:00  Personal prayer

  6:00  Supper

  7:00  Recreation

  8:00  Night Prayer

           Office of Readings